I'm Runa and owner of PANTSU*HUNTER.

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Unless other stated I'm wearing the following:

Skin: TSG baby in x tone
Ears: MANDALA fantasy ears
Hands & Feet: Slink

LotD #22

Yummy news! The dress is from a new store called ~*STARRY VANILLA*~ that brings even more lolita style into SL! The dress is original mesh and made with lots of love! Support a new store and let’s aim to make Starry Vanilla known in the cute and sparkly world of SL, hahah!

Hair: Chemistry Sirena (Long)
Makeup: Lovely Disarray - Liner Set #01 - Doll
Blush: PANTSU*HUNTER animu blush
Tattoo: PANTSU*HUNTER belldandy marks (tintable)
Headdress: +Spellbound+ Unicorn Headdress // dreamy (fantasy carnival gacha)
Roses: . a i s l i n g . Pimflette Elegance
Collar: .Atomic. Wish Master - Collar (gacha)
Blouse: Violent Seduction - Lolita Blouse
Dress: ~*STARRY VANILLA*~ Milky Cookie JSK sax
Bow Bracelet: PANTSU*HUNTER sugar veil purple bracelet (gacha)
Bracelet: yumyums - (heart) way girlie bracelet
Bracelet2: *MM* Yummy Charm Bracelet
Key at the Back: Folly - La Poupee - Key: Sweetness RARE (fantasy fair gacha)

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